"Pat Pat Please!" is an alternative controler game made by André Ruiz, Leticia de Vicq and Lucas Lima, with handmade plushies equipped with different sensors and a microphone as a controller, we created a tactile real life experience translate to the game mechanics on screen. Plushies were made in partnership with Clara Barros.
The game questions the assumed violent qualities of videogame by using an inherently loving way of competing but which also engajes players in trying to achieve it. We noted it's also interesting how playing it in public can make players almost feel self conscious by not only doing something affectionate in a public space but also engaging in almost child-like play of interacting lovingly with plushies. 
Pat Pat Please! was selected to appear at GDC 2020 Alt.Ctrl showcase, however the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. An article on Gamasutra interviewed us on the exhibit prior to its cancellation.
The game appeared on Hacktudo online festival in 2020. 

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