Quarins is an arena game where you control a Quarin, an elemental creature seeking to control an unclaimed terrain; but you will have to battle other elementals for it. Quarins is a fast paced multiplayer party game who will also require some strategy of their players, compete against up to four players in two game modes: elimination and area control.
I worked on Quarins in 2017 with a team from RPG - Rio Puc Games as a game artist, I did mainly character design, 3D modelling and illustration, but also worked on the environment and particles. It was the first game project I ever participated on, and my first contact with 3D modelling as well.
Splash art I made for the character selection screen.
Illustrations we used in the credits sequence of the Quarin’s in their natural habitats.
Concepts and their 3D models.

You can download it for free on Itch.

Our game was exhibited at the Rio Criativo space in Rock in Rio !

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