PatPat Revolution is a work in progress game, started at Physical and Logical Interfaces class by me and two friends (Lucas Lima and André Ruiz). We had to create it using processing so we made this prototype version and are now currently re-making it in unity, adding more complex game mechanics, multiplayer and changing the art style. We were inspired by alternative control games at GDC and our mutual love of dogs - so we wanted to make a game in which the player competed by being the best dog petter of a dog plushie. 
Tthe game questions the assumed violent qualities of videogame by using an inherently loving way of competing but which also engajes players in trying to achieve it. We noted it's also interesting how playing it in public can make players almost feel self conscious by not only doing something affectionate in a public space but also engaging in almost child-like play of interacting lovingly with plushies. 
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